Monday, September 8, 2008

Sweet Caroline

I love my daughter. I love the precious thoughts and expressions that I'm experiencing with this little one. Jake was called to serve as the 2nd Counselor in our Branch Presidency a few weeks ago. (For those unfamiliar with the church, we have a lay ministry who, in addition to holding a regular job, serve in leadership positions in the church without pay. We don't seek these opportunities, but we don't decline them when they are presented to us, either. Like a minister or priest, we have a bishop who serves with the assistance of two counselors, or in the case of our smaller branch - like a parish- we have a branch president and counselors.) After he was sustained by the branch, he had the opportunity to share his testimony of the gospel. Caroline, sitting next to me, looked up and whispered, "Mommy, I want to bear my testimony." I had to explain to her that it was Daddy's turn, but that she would have a chance another day. A week or so ago as we were waiting for Jake to finish with a meeting after church, the kids and I were sitting in the pretty much empty chapel. Caroline walked to the pulpit, stood up on the little stool, pulled the mic down to her mouth (it was off) and proceeded to bear her testimony. She started out saying "I want to bear my testimony. I know that my pony is true." Well. He IS true. Trusty little pony. It is just sweet to see her internalizing what happens at church and to see her feel strongly about something that she wants to share. I pray we are teaching her the truths and doctrines of the gospel so that those are the things she desires to share because the spirit whispers to her and she knows that they are true.

Tonight, it was her turn to present the lesson for Family Home Evening. (Okay, it's her turn EVERY week, because the little piece on our chart that signifies who is responsible for the lesson is a HORSE and of course, the HORSE MUST be under Caroline's name. See the chart in this post.) Since I have all our lessons for the year planned out already, I found that today's theme was the story of Enos from the Book of Mormon. I shared the story with her from a board book we have. And then I gave her 3 pieces of paper and her markers. I explained that she would be telling us the story and she needed to make 3 pictures: One with Enos in the forest, hunting; one with Enos kneeling to pray; and the last a picture of Enos feeling happy because Heavenly Father answered his prayer and assured him that the things his father had taught him about the gospel were true (she had a hard time making her marker go where she wanted it, so happy Enos looks sortof like a grimacing Enos - but I thought it was beautiful). After we practiced holding the pictures and telling the story a few times, she was ready. She did a wonderful job and I was SO proud of her!

Here's Enos in the forest:

And Enos kneeling to pray:

And this is a happy Enos because Heavenly Father talked to him (in Caroline's words). Notice the eyebrows. I was pretty impressed by them.


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I love the songs in your blog,and I also like the pictures ,lol,nice to meet you .

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Brittany said...

I love the changes to your blog, so cute. Isn't it fun being a mommy! I love it too.

Shannon said...

This is so sweet! Your blog is BEAUTIFUL.

Robin said...

What an adorable picture of Caroline and I love the song!!! Super cute! Congrats on the new calling? And, I think it's super cool how you teach, and make available, the gospel. I'm needing to do that, just haven't quite figured out how being that the majority of my readers are LDS. love you!

Roxy said...

hey millie! I just barely saw that you left a comment on one of my older blogs. i'm glad to know you have a blog. it is way cute. i'll have to have to add your blog to the list. hope all is well!