Friday, September 19, 2008

Clayton the Cook, Clayton's Capers and Clayton's Kisses

The pictures pretty much tell it all. It's been a crazy week, but here are some of the things Clayton has been up to:

He helped Daddy cook dinner. Yum! Breakfast for dinner. Can't beat it! It's hard to see, but check out the spatula in his chubby little hand.

He climbed up onto his little chair to look out his bedroom window and fell backwards into the trash can. Unhurt but stuck.

He swiped a bottle of hot sauce out of the pantry. It was unopened and still had the seal on it, thankfully. But it looked like he was just chuggin' the stuff.

He is developing a cute little relationship with his cousin, Sophie, and absolutely lights up when Sarah brings her over for our babysitting/running swap. He wanted to give her kisses on the cheek, but was having a hard time maneuvering down to her level with his HUGE noggin. So I told him to kiss her forehead. He bent down and touched his forehead to hers, but didn't quite get the kisses part. It's still so cute, don't ya think?

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