Monday, September 8, 2008

Pumpkins in the Pigpen

The kids and I were outside this evening, waiting for Jake to come home for dinner & family home evening. They were both swinging and as I ducked under Clayton's swing (one of his FAVORITE things - he laughs hysterically and it is SO funny!) I glanced over at our empty pigpen. I shouldn't say empty. There are no animals living there, since they went to the butcher in May. But there are weeds there. LOTS of weeds. I haven't paid any attention to them. But what caught my eye was a sprawling squashy-viney looking thing. So I went closer to inspect. At first, I thought it was a watermelon plant, but figured out that it's a pumpkin plant! I was so sad this year since none of our squash or melon plants in the garden survived. But this plant that somehow got sprouted in the VERY fertile soil of the pigpen has four green pumpkins on it.! Two are pretty good sized already. I can't even describe my excitement. It rubbed off on Caroline who made me take her in through the weeds that are taller than I am to view the pumpkins. And to top it all off, there's also a tomato plant growing a few feet away next to the fence. It has two little green tomatoes on it.

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Shannon said...

What a wonderful discovery!