Monday, November 8, 2010

Family Photo Shoot`

Our friend, Tena, does magic with a camera. Here's a sampling of some of the great work she did Saturday when we told her we needed an updated family portrait (our last one was done when Clayton was 3 months old. We were in desperate need of a new one!)

I can't decide which is my favorite out of these two. I love how they both show our kids' personalities:

Caroline is contemplative but full of joy and content to be in the moment.

Clayton is calm but such a happy kid who seems always to be looking just beyond right now, excited for the next moment life has to bring.

Connor is just plain cute and you can tell from the slight movement that he is super busy and just loves every minute of his little life! I love his smile in the second one the most - but it covers Jake's face ever so slightly which I'm having a hard time getting past.