Thursday, August 27, 2009

He's a Long, Tall Texan!

Okay, but not with the Texan part. When they measured Connor at the hospital, the number they gave us was 20 inches. People kept telling me they thought he looked long, and I thought he did, too. Turns out we were right. When the nurse measured him yesterday at our one week checkup, she got 22 inches. She measured twice and I watched very carefully. Now, he DID gain 8 oz in 4 days (he came in at an even 8 lbs yesterday - up 8 oz from when we left the hospital), but I'm pretty sure that doesn't translate into 2 inches of growth in the same amount of time!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Holy Second Birthday, Batman!!!

Since I was in the hospital for Clayton's actual birthday, it's pretty obvious that there wasn't a party. Jake recognized that morning that our middle child was another year older & wiser too, by singing to him with Caroline and talking to him about being two. Clayton, I don't think, knew the significance of the day. Caroline, however, has been quite concerned since then that her brother did not receive the proper birthday party. She tried to rally everyone to the cause Sunday night while we had family visiting but other than her cousins Abbie & Leah shouting with her at the top of their lungs, "It's Clayton's Birthday!", she didn't get much response.

So tonight, she took matters into her own hands. We had wrapped all the gifts earlier so that we'd be prepared to celebrate without a lot of effort after the baby came. She gathered all of the gifts that we had and set them on and by a chair in the living room and then informed us that there would be a birthday party for Clayton. My sister-in-law Sarah had come over to cook us tacos, so after that was done, she made a pan of brownies and I made a quick batch of icing. It wasn't the most effort I've ever put forth on a cake, but I figured Clayton wouldn't care. He loved every bit of his little last minute party, but I think Caroline felt the most satisfaction that her brother had his special day!

Clayton opening his first present of the evening - a Batmobile Hotwheels car from Caroline. I'm not sure who was more excited that he was opening presents - him or Caroline. She kept dancing around singing, "Open it, open it!"

Clayton with his new Batman action figures from Aunties Cindy & Nanny. He was so excited when he opened it and was yelling "Batman! Batman!" at the top of his lungs. Seriously, I've never heard him yell with more enthusiasm in his short life. Then he told me that Batman was going to fight the bad guy (I don't remember the bad guy's name - he just came in the same package.)

A gift from Daddy & Mama (picked out by Daddy and SUCH a good choice!) A tool kit complete wtih tool belt & hardhat. Clayton already has tools, but what guy doesn't need more? We thought he was excited about the Batman loot - but he kept yelling "TOOLS! TOOLS! Help Open!!!" Serious heaven for our little builder.

Clayton with his hardhat & drill. I was amazed that he knew how to change out the drill bits. He figured it out on his own with NO help from anyone. At all.

Who knew a pair of pliers could be the cause of so much joy???

Yum! Batman brownies!

The birthday boy, ready for bed in his new Batman P.J.'s. Also a gift from Aunties Nanny & Cindy.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Home, Home at Last!

Getting ready to be discharged - finally!

Connor and I are so happy to finally be home after our lengthy stay in the hospital! We were admitted on Monday night to begin an induction, but after 24 hours of labor, hadn't gotten very far. That's when things went south, the doctor realized that I had a placenta abruption, the baby's heart rate dropped and I was quickly prepped and sent to the O.R. How grateful I am that I was in the hospital, not at home 30 minutes away when the abruption happened, and how thankful I am for a sweet doctor with a steady hand and clear mind who was able to make sure that despite the somewhat scary and less than ideal circumstances, Connor & I are both fine and healthy and that I'm on the mend more quickly than I thought I would be. That is also largely in part to an amazing staff of nurses and CNAs at the hospital who are nothing short of angels. Oh how I loved all the nurses who took care of us!

My dear friend Jenni - who also happens to be an RN. She had my room ready Monday night before we arrived for our scheduled induction. And by ready, I don't mean just with the basic hospital stuff. She had it decorated with streamers & flowers, gifts for Caroline, Clayton & Connor, and treats for Jake to munch on while I labored away. What a sweetheart to be so thoughtful of us!

And then there's the sweet friends and family that dropped by with little treats and thoughts and made each day special and a little more bearable, being stuck there - from contraband bean burritos and sopaipillas to good books & magazines to read, journals to write in - to beautiful baby gifts for Connor to use and wear, everyone has been so amazing! What a blessing to have you in our life!

Caroline hanging out with her baby brother in the sunny patch on the floor. He's a bit jaundiced, but not so bad that he has to go back for the bili-light!

Our first day at home has been wondefully relaxing, thanks to my amazing, thoughtful and wonderful best friend and husband (and substitute blog editor!) and also thanks to a very considerate and sweet sister in law who cleaned my house and made sure everything was perfect for our arrival. Thank you Sarah!

Caroline & Clayton are loving their new brother, though Clayton is much more clingy to Daddy and hasn't made himself available for many pictures. Caroline can't get enough of Connor and is so excited to do everything she can to help.

And now, seeing that it is after midnight, Connor is now fed, swaddled and ready to go to bed, I'm going to turn in, too!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Connor Douglas Butler!

Caroline holding her new little brother Connor.

Caroline and Clayton excited to have a new member of the family.

Caroline and Clayton wearing their big sister and brother T-shirts.

Connor Douglas Butler. He was born at 1:20 am. He weighs 7 lbs. 14 oz. He is 20 inches long.

Caroline, Millie, and Connor.
There will be more details to come as our usual editor (Millie) returns.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yup, I'm Still 'Round!

This photo was taken the morning I was induced - the day before I was due with Clayton...

...and here we are two weeks out with ginormo baby Butler.

Still around and still round, that is. And okay with it now. That, in large part, has to do with my sweet sister Nan, who flew in for a visit yesterday. I've been hoping this little guy would make his appearance while she's here. But the first thing she said yesterday when she hopped in
the van was "Millie, I don't want you to feel pressured to have a baby just because I'm here." I can't even tell you the relief that simple statement gave me. It's like a huge weight disappeared. We went to the doctor after we picked Nanny up, and the news was the same as it has been - no progress (the baby is still very high up and as a result, nothing else is happening.) I think otherwise it would have been a very disappointing visit, but I'm reconciled to whatever happens, whenever it happens now. So we have a fun visit planned with Nan - hoping to go to a ranch rodeo tonight (YeeHaw!), making applesauce from apples we picked yesterday at a friends house, and some other projects and just visiting. I'm happy Nan took time out of her busy, wonderful life to just be with us. The kids are loving having their aunt "Nanny" here, and I'm glad for another full 6 days of nothin' but Nan.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better...

We went to see "Annie Get Your Gun" at the Post Playhouse at Ft. Robinson last week. We took the kids because, well, it had a western theme and they would be shooting blanks out of real guns. And for our kids, that's just plain cool. Before the show, we hit the restaurant at the fort for some tasty vittles. I had a proud mama moment when, after we finished our meal and got up to pay and leave, Caroline gathered her plate, silverware & cup and began looking for the "kitchen" so she could clear her things from the table like she's expected to do at home. Such a sweet, good, helpful girl! Both kids loved the show, and Caroline had a hard time sitting still during the song & dance numbers. She wanted to turn & dance along. I hope the people sitting behind us didn't mind her hoe-downing periodically during the show. We covered both of their ears during the shooting parts of the show - it was pretty loud! - but Clayton thought it was awesome anyway! The most fun, though, has been since we've been home. I'll occasionally break into singing "Anything You Can Do..." and Clayton will join in with "No, can't!" at the appropriate part of the song. So stinkin' cute. Too bad I didn't get any pictures!