Sunday, May 30, 2010

Monticello Trip 2010!

Crazy- hair Connor & Cindy at The Falls

So my baby sister graduated from High School on Wednesday. To celebrate, my sis Lucinda flew to Nebraska from Minneapolis and made the 13 hour drive to Utah with the kids and me (since Jake is stuck at work) to surprise Catherine and my parents. They had no idea we were coming. I wish I hadn't left my camera bag sitting on the high chair at my house, because my mom's face upon opening the door and seeing 3 small vagabond-looking-due-to-being-stuck-in-the-car-all-day-children gazing up at her was priceless. I also wish I had my camera to take pictures of the bows I spent most of my time making since I had multiple sisters to look after my brood (I filled a rather large order for my good friend's pharmacy/gift shop here in town. They turned out amazing!)

Luckily, my sisters have cameras and snapped a few photos of some of the more memorable moments of our visit. Highlights included: the graduation (of course!), a trip to The Falls in Canyonlands, the baby fox the family dog Sam caught (that Dad introduced to us during breakfast one morning), and the after-church photo shoot in front of the temple.

We head home tomorrow morning. Not really looking forward to the drive, but desperately looking forward to seeing my sweetie!

(Sorry. These photos are in somewhat random order. I started to organize them chronologically and then gave up. It was taking too long and I wanted to go play.)

Swimming Superman style.

Catherine & Connor

Loves from my boy.

Caroline & Papa

Connor, the purple flower & the purple shoes.

Ladies in red. And white. And black. Aren't my sisters gorgeous????

Caroline & Catherine

What a charmer.

Nanny & Connor

Mar & Mil

Catherine & the waterfall.

Clayton & the sand.

Caroline & Nan

Yoga above the falls.

Mama & Caroline

The family and the graduate.

Catherine and Lucinda at The Falls

Walking above The Falls

Marilyn & Clayton

Breakfast with "Vixey" the baby fox.

Dad & Vixey

Reading to herself. She loves Mona's library.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the beautiful, amazing women in my life, my mother, mother-in-law, sisters and sisters-in-law and friends who are mothers or will be someday, I hope your day is wonderful and blessed with love and happiness.

To my amazing husband, without whom I wouldn't have each of our precious gems, thank you for celebrating Mother's Day with me, and making everyday mother's day with your thoughtfulness and love.

And to my sweet, sweet babies. I love you so much! Thank you for making me a Mommy and being patient with me everyday while I learn to nurture, teach and do this fantastic job better. You make it all worth it!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"L" is For the Way You Look at Me!

Friday night was our church talent show. Caroline and I decided to do a tap dance duet. Jake suggested the song, since it is currently her favorite from a mixed CD my sister Julianna gave me several years ago (which Caroline has stolen and listens to day and night). We signed up to perform last Sunday, which only gave us 5 days to practice. We did great Monday morning, but things got pretty hectic and it wasn't until Friday that we managed to meet up in the kitchen with our tap shoes again. For such last-minute learning, I think my little girl did pretty amazing (once she got over the slight stage fright at the beginning!)

After our performance, some of the kids began performing the piano solos they had signed up for. Before we knew it, Caroline had run up to the front and asked loudly if she could play, too. She performed "Birthday Party" from the John Thompson "Teaching Little Fingers to Play" book. We were so surprised and proud! She's been taking lessons from me and practicing, but we were sure not prepared for her impromptu recital. Just as I was snapping this picture, she looked up as if to have some reassurance that she could do it. So sweet. I love this girl!