Monday, March 29, 2010

Caroline's Dance Recital

I know it's been awhile. And for those anxiously awaiting the other 13 reasons I love Jake, I promise someday I'll get to them! Who knew adding a third kid to the mix could throw such a wrench in the everyday normal things I used to be able to accomplish without a hitch? But I'm loving every minute of it and have had to re-evaluate what is really important in my life. Obviously, blogging isn't one of them, though I have missed the journaling that gets done on here that doesn't happen in my er, journal.

Anyhoo - here's some of Caroline's dance recital. We were so proud of her and she was so excited to dance "on stage" again this year! She was very lucky to have two of her visiting Aunties there to watch, in addition to our Nebraska bunch! Unfortunately I hadn't quite figured my new camera out, so I'm waiting for some pictures taken by another mom. But these are the ones we got of our darling dancer! Also, a good friend of mine got this short clip on video and poted it to YouTube.

The Tap Dance "We Love To ABC"

My favorite shot!

onnor loved watching the dancers! He'd fuss in between numbers and then get all quiet and attentive while the dancers performed.
The Ballet Number "I'm Special"

Little buddies - the only three in their class.