Friday, October 8, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten!!!

With her buddies on the bus!

On August 19th, our girl started Kindergarten! We let Caroline ride the bus on her first day, but drove in to go with her to class and deliver the classroom supplies and other important things that were on her back-to-school list. She loves her teacher, Mrs. Folkerts and though it's a long day with that bus ride, she loves school and is learning so much! She is already reading high-frequency sight-words (she gets lots of practice during family scripture study every night) and loves music class and P.E. where she has already run the mile for a fitness test. Her time was 21:28 - pretty good for such a little girl- looks like I'll have me a running partner in a couple of years!
At her seat in her classroom.
More than a little apprehensive when it was time for me to go. It didn't help that one little boy had a full on sobbing fit when his mom walked out the door. And I'm so proud of me - I didn't cry once! But gosh, I miss that girlie during the day!