Monday, August 24, 2009

Holy Second Birthday, Batman!!!

Since I was in the hospital for Clayton's actual birthday, it's pretty obvious that there wasn't a party. Jake recognized that morning that our middle child was another year older & wiser too, by singing to him with Caroline and talking to him about being two. Clayton, I don't think, knew the significance of the day. Caroline, however, has been quite concerned since then that her brother did not receive the proper birthday party. She tried to rally everyone to the cause Sunday night while we had family visiting but other than her cousins Abbie & Leah shouting with her at the top of their lungs, "It's Clayton's Birthday!", she didn't get much response.

So tonight, she took matters into her own hands. We had wrapped all the gifts earlier so that we'd be prepared to celebrate without a lot of effort after the baby came. She gathered all of the gifts that we had and set them on and by a chair in the living room and then informed us that there would be a birthday party for Clayton. My sister-in-law Sarah had come over to cook us tacos, so after that was done, she made a pan of brownies and I made a quick batch of icing. It wasn't the most effort I've ever put forth on a cake, but I figured Clayton wouldn't care. He loved every bit of his little last minute party, but I think Caroline felt the most satisfaction that her brother had his special day!

Clayton opening his first present of the evening - a Batmobile Hotwheels car from Caroline. I'm not sure who was more excited that he was opening presents - him or Caroline. She kept dancing around singing, "Open it, open it!"

Clayton with his new Batman action figures from Aunties Cindy & Nanny. He was so excited when he opened it and was yelling "Batman! Batman!" at the top of his lungs. Seriously, I've never heard him yell with more enthusiasm in his short life. Then he told me that Batman was going to fight the bad guy (I don't remember the bad guy's name - he just came in the same package.)

A gift from Daddy & Mama (picked out by Daddy and SUCH a good choice!) A tool kit complete wtih tool belt & hardhat. Clayton already has tools, but what guy doesn't need more? We thought he was excited about the Batman loot - but he kept yelling "TOOLS! TOOLS! Help Open!!!" Serious heaven for our little builder.

Clayton with his hardhat & drill. I was amazed that he knew how to change out the drill bits. He figured it out on his own with NO help from anyone. At all.

Who knew a pair of pliers could be the cause of so much joy???

Yum! Batman brownies!

The birthday boy, ready for bed in his new Batman P.J.'s. Also a gift from Aunties Nanny & Cindy.


Rachelle said...

Happy Birthday cute boy!!!

luCindy said...

Yay! I'm glad he was excited for his batman gifts! He looks so cute in the pictures. xoxo from Auntie Cindy