Saturday, August 22, 2009

Home, Home at Last!

Getting ready to be discharged - finally!

Connor and I are so happy to finally be home after our lengthy stay in the hospital! We were admitted on Monday night to begin an induction, but after 24 hours of labor, hadn't gotten very far. That's when things went south, the doctor realized that I had a placenta abruption, the baby's heart rate dropped and I was quickly prepped and sent to the O.R. How grateful I am that I was in the hospital, not at home 30 minutes away when the abruption happened, and how thankful I am for a sweet doctor with a steady hand and clear mind who was able to make sure that despite the somewhat scary and less than ideal circumstances, Connor & I are both fine and healthy and that I'm on the mend more quickly than I thought I would be. That is also largely in part to an amazing staff of nurses and CNAs at the hospital who are nothing short of angels. Oh how I loved all the nurses who took care of us!

My dear friend Jenni - who also happens to be an RN. She had my room ready Monday night before we arrived for our scheduled induction. And by ready, I don't mean just with the basic hospital stuff. She had it decorated with streamers & flowers, gifts for Caroline, Clayton & Connor, and treats for Jake to munch on while I labored away. What a sweetheart to be so thoughtful of us!

And then there's the sweet friends and family that dropped by with little treats and thoughts and made each day special and a little more bearable, being stuck there - from contraband bean burritos and sopaipillas to good books & magazines to read, journals to write in - to beautiful baby gifts for Connor to use and wear, everyone has been so amazing! What a blessing to have you in our life!

Caroline hanging out with her baby brother in the sunny patch on the floor. He's a bit jaundiced, but not so bad that he has to go back for the bili-light!

Our first day at home has been wondefully relaxing, thanks to my amazing, thoughtful and wonderful best friend and husband (and substitute blog editor!) and also thanks to a very considerate and sweet sister in law who cleaned my house and made sure everything was perfect for our arrival. Thank you Sarah!

Caroline & Clayton are loving their new brother, though Clayton is much more clingy to Daddy and hasn't made himself available for many pictures. Caroline can't get enough of Connor and is so excited to do everything she can to help.

And now, seeing that it is after midnight, Connor is now fed, swaddled and ready to go to bed, I'm going to turn in, too!


Shannon and Brad said...

He is absolutely beautiful! I'm so glad that you and baby were able the immediate care you needed. That is so scary. I hope you have a speedy recovery!!

Jared and Amber said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are so happy for all of you! And he is beautiful!!!

Rachelle said...

How are you feeling, Millie? I'm so glad that Conner made his way safely into your family and our hearts and love go out to you as you recover!