Monday, September 29, 2008

Birthday Bashes!

Caroline in the birthday dress I made her. (John Deere print with John Deere boots I scored at a yard sale!)

As much as she loves her boots, obviously, she's MUCH happier in her sparkly new dress-up shoes!

Caroline spent the 2 months leading up to her birthday telling me about her birthday party. It was going to have a pony cake and her friends were all going to come. I really just wanted to do a simple family thing. But 2 weeks before the big day, I caved. She was just so excited and cute. So we had an "Itty Bitty Pony Party." It was fun to plan, and I did it all under $20! ( I was so proud of me!) I know I have lots of junk - things I save. But I tell you, it all came in handy for this shindig - leftover plates and bandanna print napkins from Sarah's baby shower, yarn, googly eyes and fiberfill for our stick horses, sparkly doodads and glitter glue. Anyhoo. We had a blast - I made little sock stick horses for each guest and we started the party with stick horse races across the front yard. They loved it! Then we played pin-the-tail-on-the-pony with a "My Little Pony" transparency I blew up and colored on posterboard. We used curly ribbon for the tail. A couple of guests arrived late, so we did more pony racing and then opened presents. Just as presents finished, Daddy showed up with Caroline's pony - our miniature that she named herself "Little Yellow Pony" (creative, eh?) And each child got a chance to sit on her and get his or her picture taken. I love that we're the kind of family that can have a pony at a birthday party. :D We awarded each child a sparkly sheriff badge for their cute western duds, then we had mini cupcakes with horses on top and called it a day. It was SO much fun! I loved watching Caroline playing with her friends and doing what she loves best - riding horses and playing with horses.

Our family party on Sunday was much simpler. I finished decorating the cake just as everyone walked in the door. ( I fully intended to have it done Saturday night but opted for sleep instead. For how fast I did it I think it turned out cute. I couldn't find my shell tip for the icing, so I used a leaf tip instead, to border the fondant that I wrapped around it. To see some of my other cakes, go here and click on the album called "Millie's New Hobby". My favorite part was the lemon curd filling. Yum! The top was green tinted coconut to look like grass under the pony. ) She was so tickled to see the pony on top. But even more tickled about the presents from her Uncle Pete & Aunt Sarah, Sophie, and Uncle Josh, Aunt Susan & Hailey. They got her "Hungry Hippos". She's really into games right now and boy howdy, has she been in heaven for the last day and a half. Even Clayton loves it, and miraculously, has not tried to eat any marbles yet. But the cutest was this: In July (the day Sarah went into labor) I threw her a shower. I had made a darling diaper cake for her and stuck a pink "My Little Pony" on top. Caroline saw it and went head over heels for it. Last week, Sarah asked Caroline what she wanted for her birthday. So guess how she answered? "I want the pink pony that my mom put on the top of the diaper cake she made you." We'll just say that Aunt Sarah really loves Caroline.

Caroline and the pink "My Little Pony".

Dora soap dispenser from Mona. She LOVES this!

Playing "Hungry Hippos" with Uncle Josh, Hailey & Clayton.


Krista said...

Looks like fun! I know a TON of girls who'd love to have a "REAL" pony at their party. . . we are very jealous indeed! I like the picture of Claytons face in the last picture. Cute dress and Caroline is as cute as ever. Loves!
Happy Birthday Caroline!

Shannon and Brad said...

OH how much fun this must have been! You are such a cute and creative Momma! And a hot Momma with that new haircut. I can't believe you made that adorable dress. You'll have to teach me how to sew clothes. That's my next step. Also, I love her cake. So cute. What talent!