Friday, September 19, 2008

Cutie Caroline, Caroline the Cook

Caroline has been busy this week, too. But I wasn't as handy with the camera for her antics. I keep meaning to take pictures of her in her cute dance outfit on Tuesdays for her Ballet/Tap/Tumbling class. But by the time I get everyone ready to go and out the door, I forget. (Tuesdays are INSANE!)

Here's Caroline helping me make applesauce. She LOVED cranking the handle on the food masher/strainer. She really got a workout doing it, too.

And these are for you, Shaye! I tried the crossover braid, but did four braids instead of two, making two X's. It turned out super cute. Unfortunately, the picture got taken at the end of the day after sitting in the dentist chair and doing other "in town" things, so there are some loose ends. But it turned out super cute and I'm definitely doing her hair like this again! Thanks for the idea! (Check out Shaye's crossover braid here.) And look how long Caroline's hair is getting!


Shaye said...

That's awesome! GMTA (Great Minds Think Alike)! You'll have to come see our "do" from today. I had been thinking about it since the x-braid but just didn't know what to do with the back after the double x's on the sides. So I just criss-crossed them in the back and did BJ's signature low double ponies.

This looks really nice on Caroline!! Now when are you gonna start your hair blog???

Jill said...

Caroline's hair is so long! I can't believe it. And, Clayton looks so big. Has it really only been 6 weeks?

Christina said...

Caroline's hair looks darling, how in the world did you get it to grow so long so fast? Abbie's isn't anywhere near that long. Love the pic of Clayton sucking the lime, priceless!

Shannon and Brad said...

Wow! What a cute braid. I should be more like that with Avery's hair.