Friday, September 19, 2008

Clayton, You Gotta Try This!!!

I kid you not, those were Caroline's exact words this morning. Ever since she was about 7 months old and grabbed a lemon wedge out of Jake's water at a restaraunt, she's had a thing for sucking on limes and lemons. She loves that they're sour. It's never really bothered her. I made fresh salsa this morning and had two lime halves sitting on the counter. Just as we were headed out the door to make lunch for "Farrier Focus" (our annual farrier education conference) she grabbed one of the lime halves and began sucking on it. Then she (in sharing mode lately, yay!) announced loudly to her brother, "Clayton, you gotta try this!" and took it over so he could have a slurp. I think the picture does better justice to the face he made than I could ever do describing it with words.


Hmachine said...

LOL. My kids LOVE lemons/limes for some reason too. They acutally like seeing the faces that people make. :)

Darcie said...

so fun to see your blog Millie. your little guy and gal area just darling! I'll be checking in often. Miss you.

Shannon and Brad said...

Oh, this is so funny!! My kids always love pickles as babies, but I don't know about lemons and limes!!