Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fabulous letter "F"

Well, we started our home preschool back up again this week after taking an unintentional break for the summer. (I fully intended to stay organized and do all sorts of educational things all summer - ha!) So we eased back into school with the subject of Farms (always an attention grabber for my little country girl) and the letter F. I chose the letter F because our school district is using the "Handwriting Without Tears" program ( and that's the letter they start with. I wanted to have Caroline as much in line with their curriculum as possible. Plus, I liked the way they have their handwriting program set up and the teaching tools they use. Anyhoo, back to the subject. We started out on Monday looking for things around our house and yard that start with the letter F. Of course, we found FLOWERS! So we picked a bunch and after I arranged the sunflowers, I let Caroline stick the rest in. I was pretty impressed with her finished arrangement.
On Wednesday, we started working on our Family Home Evening chart (I've been meaning to make this for ages, but couldn't find my pattern and stumbled across it the other day while organizing my craft room.) How perfect that the chart is actually a "Farm"ly Home Evening chart with a barn & animals. I let Caroline do the base coat for each of the animals. She loved it!
Here's our Finished Farm project!

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weryoungs said...

Oh this is so cute! You are such a talented mother. So, of course, you have a talented little daughter too!