Monday, August 25, 2008

All Aboard the Birthday Train!

We celebrated Clayton's birthday on Sunday (even though he officially turned a year old on Thursday, we waited until everyone was home from their travels this week to really celebrate.) He had no clue about presents. But Caroline did, and boy was she excited to open them for him! Particularly the one she picked out and payed for herself at the Dollar Store with money from her very own piggy bank. She was a little too possessive, though and we are still having to explain that they are Clayton's toys for His birthday. She gets her own birthday party and presents in another month. She's beyond excited for September 27th to arrive.
The cake (from a darling cupcake mold my mom gave me - the cake pulls apart into smaller individual pieces that kindof fit together like a puzzle to make the train.)
Caroline & Clayton playing with the dinosaurs Caroline picked out to give him.
Showing Aunt CindyLee & Megan his dinosaur.
Caroline coloring the new dinosaur coloring book with the new crayons that she also picked out for Clayton.
Clayton stripped down to his onesie for the cake, and modeling his new boots from Daddy with help from Grandpa.
Not a big fan of the birthday hat (couldn't find any at the store, so I made one last minute.)
New darling cowboy jammies from Aunt Lucinda and an origami frog from Aunt Nannie.
More of the cute jammies.
The PJ's I made for Clayton from vintage fabric my mom gave me a couple of years ago. One with cowboys & horses and one with rocketships and astronauts.
I haven't gotten a picture yet of the load of clothes from Clayton's Mona & Papa (my folks) but my favorite is a "Rocket Scientist" t-shirt.


Robin said...

What an adorable little guy and what a cute cake! Okay, plus I noticed the time that you posted this entry: 7 am? That's impressive!

Krista said...

Good job on the cake- so cute! Clayton is a little ham! I just want to pinch his little cheeks. Cute jammies too, I will get back to you on my size ;)

weryoungs said...

Happy Birthday Clayton! It sounds like he is completely spoiled. I'm amazed at your handmade jammies. You are so talented.