Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sweet little Sophie

Caroline is discovering her maternal instincts, with thanks to and the help of her brand new tiny cousin. She has dolls - we gave her one when Clayton was born and she got some "twins" from Mona and Papa for Christmas. She plays with them occasionally. But if she's going to feed or diaper something, it's usually a stuffed animal and most often, one of the equine variety. (Think: "My Little Pony" with poopy pants and being burped by a 2 year old.) But since Sophie came home and we've had the opportunity to hold, play with and even babysit for a couple of hours, baby dolls have suddenly opened up a new world for my little girl. It's fun to see her interact with a real baby, too. She was darling when Clayton was born, but a year ago at barely two year old, I don't think she quite "got it". She can't keep her hands or lips (constantly giving sweet little kisses) off of the baby. And last night, Aunt Sarah even let her help give Sophie a bottle! Too bad the only camera available was Pete's - so he has the cute pictures.


Krista said...

Too cute. She will be a good little mommy just like YOU!

Christina said...

Wow, Sophie is such a doll! Caroline is going to be a great mommy someday. I can't wait to see you again, hopefully soon!

weryoungs said...

Caroline is such a pretty little thing. She looks so much like you Millie!