Monday, May 18, 2009

So cute!

Been super busy, but just had to post this adorable picture of our little "Love Bug" and her daddy going to feed the lambs on Sunday afternoon. We got home from church and Caroline changed from her dress to her "butterfly pants" with butterflies appliqued on the front. She decided that her butterfly wings - courtesy of Mona & Papa for Christmas - were a perfect match. Only when she was perfectly dressed in her butterfly getup and boots was she ready to go feed those hungry little lambs. And sweet daddy was so patient while she got dolled up. The lambs - not so much. But they survived the wait.


Hmachine said...

I LOVE it!! it totally melts my heart. She is adorable! And I LOVE daddies that take the time to build these memories with their little ones. :) Even if the lambs are starving!!! :) I miss you!

allgirls said...

Thanks for the invite to come to your place, you never know we may take you up on it! Shelbie would be so happy and in heaven! I may just have to have her check out your blog with all the horse pictures :) I still dont know where she got this obsession... anyway hope all is well with you guys.

Christina said...

So cute, I want some wings like that for my girls!