Sunday, May 3, 2009

Caroline's First Dance Recital

Saturday evening was Caroline's first dance recital. At rehearsal that morning, she was pretty nervous and just stood there during both her tap and ballet dances. But at the actual recital, with her hair done and makeup on, she transformed into a little performer. Sortof. She did a fantastic job in her tap number - she was so cute! During her ballet dance, they had ribbons as props. Half of the girls played with the ribbons throughout the dance, neglecting the actual steps. Caroline was no exception. A couple of times, she was actually flicking her ribbon at the other girls (we wondered if she was trying to rope them.) However, she did remember to arabesque! After her performances were done, she was allowed to sit with us to watch the remainder of the very LONG show, and wait for the finale. She enjoyed sitting with her cousins and liked watching the "big girls" dance. She was tickled pink to receive the wrapped flower - a gift for our ballerina from Mama & Daddy. But she was a little put out that she wasn't awarded a trophy (only the 2nd year girls and up were recipients of those!)

We sat in front, thinking we'd have a great seat. Turns out there was a bunch of technical equipment right at the edge of the stage, blocking our view of Caroline's dancing feet during the tap number. Oh well.

I learned from one of the back stage helpers that during costume changes between dances, Caroline found the makeup bag I stashed in her dance bag. She grabbed the blush and was applying it not only to her own face, but was playing "makeup artist" on all her little friends in her class. They said it was interesting to fanagle the brush & compact out of her hands so they could get her ready to go onstage.

Watching the "big girls" dance.

Caroline with her certificate and flowers. (Like I said, she was a bit unhappy that it wasn't a trophy.)


Christina said...

So cute, I love Caroline's outfit and makeup and everything. Glad she did well at her first recital, Abbie just started a ballet class and loves it so far. Check out my blog for pics of her in her tutu after class.

Julianna said...

Cuteness. I can't wait for Eyla to go to dance classes and stuff!

˙·٠♥PhAeDrA♥٠·˙ said...

Kamden was also upset about the trophy thing! I just kept telling her that she'll get one next year and that helped, but only a little!

Amy said...

of Course your little girl better LOVE dancing!!! I hope she got your coordination (my poor daughter is really coordination challenged, she got it from her father...)

Shannon and Brad said...

Caroline is so pretty in her costume!