Monday, May 11, 2009

My Hubby's 30!

So, this post is also a day late. Actually two, since we celebrated Jake's birthday on Saturday night even though his birthday was yesterday. We had a laid back get together with all the Nebraska Butlers, eating Bratwurst (YUMMY!) German Potato Salad (Grandma Redd's amazing recipe) and fresh corn on the cob! I made copy-cat "Ding-dongs" cupcakes - and found I need to practice that recipe a bit. Caroline was so excited for "Daddy's birthday!" She picked out the perfect gift for him - red vines, and proceeded to tell him everyday for a week that she couldn't wait for him to open his licorice so he could share it with her. The day before his birthday, she gave him the rundown on all his gifts. Needless to say, opening presents wasn't much of a surprise for him!
The "kiddie table" enjoying their corn on the cob!
The birthday boy was too fast for me to get a picture while huffing & puffing to blow out the candle.
Sophie enjoying her daddy's cupcake.
Jake and some of his loot: A John Wayne mug from his folks, a 4lb. container of red vines from Caroline, a new plaid shirt from Pete & Sarah & a framed, matted print of "The Prayer at Valley Forge" from me. Not pictured, a "Jake the Farrier" doll and accessories from the Breyer Horse catalog. That was from Clayton. More for Clayton, since he's been playing farrier with it, shoeing his little Breyer horses since Saturday night. But I couldn't resist a "Jake the Farrier" doll. I mean, come on, what are the odds??? Happy Birthday, honey! I hope you enjoyed your day. We love you so much!

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Christina said...

Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you guys, looks like you had lots of fun and that Jake made off with lots of loot. What's wrong with your cupcakes? They look pretty amazing to me! Ummmm, cupcakes...