Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Muddy Buddies

While outside working in the yard this evening, Caroline turned on the water and proceeded to "help" water the weeds and what little grass we have in our backyard. It was mostly in one general area and we ended up with a mud puddle. Clayton had been running around shirtless because: a) he made a mess on his shirt at dinner and it was removed and, b) it was pretty warm outside. Partway through our work, I realized we had some funk going on in his diaper and after changing it, opted not to put his pants back on. Hence the diaper & boots look he's sporting. At this point, he and Caroline decided that a mud puddle in the backyard is not to be wasted, so they proceeded to jump in it.
They were having a ball until I heard a pitiful "Ma-MA!!!" from Clayton. There he was, one boot stuck fast in the brown goop. Caroline so helpfully pulled him free - well, his stocking foot that is. The boot stayed put.
After getting his boot loose and back on his foot, the kids proceeded to have a mud slinging fest. Clayton got the brunt of it. I'm sure his aim will improve and Caroline will recieve payback someday!

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Hmachine said...

LOL, that's awesome. I remember getting stuck in cow manure during the spring 'melt' and my brother had to come pull me out. .. :) I love it when parents let their kids explore in a posative way and not worry about dirt. . or manure!! :) lol