Friday, March 20, 2009

Sweet Little Girl

This morning during breakfast, I had a pregnant moment and had to leave the room for a minute. When I walked back around the corner, I found Caroline reaching from her chair to Clayton, stroking his head and then she reached over and gave him a hug. She had no idea I was even there. When she did look up and see me, she explained: "I hit Clayton on the head with my hand. And then I was sorry. So I gave him a kiss and a hug and told him 'sorry'." What a precious moment! I gave her a hug and told her how happy it made me that she said she did what was right and was sorry and how proud I was that she was honest.

Caroline & Clayton playing on the window seat - peeking out from behind the curtains.

She is such a patient big sister with her brother. She has her favorite spots to play and recently has been inviting Clayton to join her. This morning as they hid on the window seat behind the curtain, I could hear Clayton yelling something. The curtains moved and he pointed out at something in the room. Caroline immediately identified a toy that he wanted, got down from the seat, retrieved it for him and returned. It makes me so happy as a mother to watch them help one another and learn and grow together. It is so sweet to see them learn to work things out and get along. I pray that their relationship continues to grow stronger and that they can rely on each other in the coming years for strength and support in choosing the right. I love my sweet babies!
Together in Caroline's hideout behind the couch.


Momma Miller said...

How darling! Don't you just love these days?! It's so sweet watching the bonding and learning every single day. We're so blessed to be home with our babies.

I'm determined to be a better blog supporter of my in-real-life friends. It seems that I often let "busyness" take me away from reading and supporting my friend's blogs, but I really enjoy seeing what's happening in your lives and want to pledge to "be there" more often.

Hugs! <3

Christina said...

I'm glad your kids play together so well and take care of each other. Abbie is starting to do that more with Leah so it's nice. Love ya!