Friday, March 6, 2009

Easily Entertained

On Tuesday, Jake took the kids with him in the truck to town to run errands so I could rest (I have a yucky cold and I'm trying to preserve my voice for a musical presentation of "The Ten Virgins" on Saturday in which I have a solo/duet.)
When they got home he brought the carseats inside instead of putting them back in the van, since I'm driving the van full of women to Rapid City for the performance and will not need the carseats, since the kids are staying home with my wonderful hubby. This morning as I've been puttering around the house trying to get stuff done, the kids have been, I kid you not, in the carseats for the last 45 minutes. They have a few toys, but seem perfectly content to sit next to one another, wrap each other in their carseat blankies and play with their plastic horses. I can hear them playing and Caroline is apparently, the "horse doctor". At one point, Clayton moved suddenly and his carseat slid and tipped over which is when Caroline became Clayton's doctor and nursed him back to health. I'm so glad my kids have a healthy imagination and can find ways to enjoy being together and entertain themselves & one another with simple things around the house.


Jill said...

I love it when the kids play nicely. Your weekend sounds like lots of fun, I hope your voice is in tip-top shape tomorrow. I'll say a little prayer for you!

Shannon and Brad said...

So cute. It's so crazy what can keep them entertained sometimes. Carseats of all things!