Thursday, March 12, 2009

Squaw Mound Homemakers Club

When we first moved to this area, two sweet ladies arrived on my doorstep to introduce themselves and invite me to join their club. I'd never heard of a homemakers club before, but since I like homemakey things, I thought I'd give it a go. It's been very enjoyable so far and I really have grown to love my neighbors. We meet monthly, rotating as hostesses. We do cultural enriching activities like going to plays, have holiday parties, raise money through cookbook sales which is donated to local libraries, firestations & other causes, have a secret friend through the year and generally just have a good time. Our new club president decided to shake things up a bit and now instead of just meeting to discuss agenda items, we have our regular meeting, then put together holiday favors for the local rest home, and then the hostess teaches the club members a new skill or craft. I got to host club yesterday. I was a bit hormonal due to 1) the pregnancy, 2) lack of sleep, and 3) the fact that my husband is away on business and I'm feeling terribly lonely. I've felt like I've had a hard time keeping my head above water, and was not thrilled with the state of my house. I managed to get the kitchen and living room clean, put the kids down for a nap, and closed the doors to the rest of the rooms to the house so nobody would see the atrocious mess. By the time the club members arrived, I was near tears just feeling so overwhelmed. Turns out they were all mad at me for not calling and asking for help. The nice thing is, they are all older women who have raised families and are very understanding of what I'm going through - since they've all been through it. After they all helped me set out dessert & snacks and get the table set up, I was calmed down some. After our meeting, I got to teach the ladies the technique of Ukrainian Pysanki - which I learned at BYU in a Ukrainian Dance class. My teacher taught us not only about the music & dance of the country, but she brought traditional cuisine and then showed us all how to paint eggs in this beautiful & intricate way. I'm still not great at it, but I love doing it and when I have enough time to really focus, I can get a pretty nice result. This time, I had "help" from Caroline & Clayton, as well as limited time since Clayton had been sick. So I was finishing up my demo egg while demonstrating. It worked out fine and it was fun to visit and work on our masterpieces together.

Gloria, Shirley & Carolyn with their beautiful eggs.

Milly, Evelyn & Carmen showing off their artwork.


SumGreater said...

Those are lovely. I love the idea of the group and I'm glad you've got such great friends and mentors. They're pretty lucky to have you too, you know.

Momma Miller said...

OH how stinkin' cute! I'd love to have a group like this!!!!

Shannon and Brad said...

What a fun club, and look at that BEAUTIFUL egg!!