Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yeah, yeah, yeah! Not to be confused with Hyah, hyah, hyah!!!

Clayton has a new word. He says "yeah", as in, 'affirmative'. It's nice to hear something other than "no" these days. Though I do miss his cute little head nod. He's been urging his stick pony on for some time, though, with "Hyah!!

In the next video, please note the "William Tell Overture" in the background. It always inspires a vigorous stickhorse ride around the sofa accompanied by a hearty,"Hi-yo Silver, Away!" by Caroline. Sorry the video is so dim, but at least you can hear what I'm talking about!

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Emily said...

That is so fun. You have got to explain to me how to add video! I have tried a couple times and can't get it to work.