Thursday, February 5, 2009

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways...#10

You know how much I love music. What you don't know is that I get such a thrill each time you pick up the guitar and play & sing or each time you sit down to the piano to plunk out a few lines of "Called to Serve" or the "Man From Snowy River" theme. I know you think you don't play well, but I love that you get so much joy out of singing & playing. It is such a blast to watch you when you go to town with "Settin' the Woods on Fire". And I think about the day you serenaded me on the phone before we got engaged. "As Long As I Have My Horse" may not be the most romantic of song choices, but I could tell how much you enjoyed yourself, and I think that might have been the clincher on the whole marriage deal. Besides that, my other favorite musical memories of you are: 1) when I would get up early to nurse Caroline & then you'd take her & then I'd go walking and when I got home, you'd be sitting in that office, listening to "The Phantom of the Opera" and singing along. And then 2) The other thing I love is when I can hear you early in the morning, playing and singing to the kids while I'm still in bed. I could lay there & listen forever. I know it's been awhile since you did, and I've definitely noticed! Thank you for helping to give our kids a love & appreciation of music just by showing them how much you love & enjoy it!

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