Friday, February 20, 2009

Clayton's Table Manners....or lack thereof

On Tuesday during lunch, Clayton dozed off. When I tried to take the apple slice out of his hand, it roused him enough to continue eating, though not fully awake. It was actually pretty entertaining.

On Thursday morning, the kids wanted to "play Play Doh". So I pulled Clayton's high chair, without the tray, close to the table. It still has a bit of a restraint on the front, and he's never tried to climb out of it so I didn't bother to strap him in. I won't elaborate on my failings as a mother that led to this picture, but I will say I've learned a couple valuable lessons about the importance of the safety restraint in a high chair and also of not leaving the room. Even for mere seconds. And the experience made me once again glad for the whisperings of the Holy Ghost and my choice to listen and follow them.


Hmachine said...

BOYS!!!! they are climbers! :) He's so cute! :)

Story Family said...

That video is HILARIOUS!! At least you know you've got a healthy eater! I loved how he tried to eat his plate at one point. Too cute!!