Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Whew! That's Over!

What a weekend!!! Friday night I had a band concert. Yup, you read that right. It's been what, 12 years since I played in a band? But our community here has a band that is offered as a class through Chadron State University. I opted to take it not-for-credit, simply because I miss participating in a music ensemble. What fun it was to get out my flute, that has mostly been used for the occasional musical number in Sacrament Meeting. I even had a solo in "Emperata Overture" which I swear I played in an honor band like, 15 years ago. It was a wonderful experience that even Caroline & Clayton seemed to enjoy, once the powerful opening phrases of our first piece died down. Jake's favorite part was our last piece - the Colonal Bogey March from the movie "Bridge Over the River Kwai" (also familiar from the old "The Parent Trap" in the scene where the twin sisters are taken to their solitary confinement cabin).

There I am to the right of the band director.

On Saturday, we headed up to Rapid City for Stake Conference. The kids & I hung out at the hotel (after we found the hotel) and then met Jake after his meetings for dinner. It was nice to get to sit by my husband that night to be spiritually fed during the adult session of conference while our kids kicked it in the nursery with the teenaged daughters of a good friend (thanks, again Erin!!!) On Sunday morning, we weren't so lucky to be sitting next to each other, since I had the opportunity of sitting on the stand to give a talk. Lucky me. I definitely had a LOT of divine help with that one and really am grateful for the opportunity to reflect on and then speak about the topic I was given, which was "I Believe In Christ."

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Erin said...

I had no idea you were in a band...how fun!! You have a wonderful little community. I enjoyed sitting next to you in adult session, a familiar face and feeling lost in the big crowd of people we didn't know, so thank you! Your talk Sunday was so uplifting..actually ALL the talks were! We were able to meet Elder Dunn, funny story so I'll share it with you later :)
Miss you friend!