Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mammalicious Finds: Plum Creek Mercantile Give Away

Mammalicious Finds: Plum Creek Mercantile Give Away

These are so cool! An economical and green alternative to plastic snack baggies. I've started dividing our bulk snacks into individual portions so my kiddos can help themselves when it's snacktime. They feel so independant and things stay in the baggies. But I love the idea of these fabric & velcro ones. Check them out!


Erin said...

Millie, what a cool find! I love the idea of these, even if you don't use them for snacks, there could be numerous possiblities :) Thank you for sharing! Hey, lets make a deal? If I win, I will split the stash, and if you win...the same??? lol

Good luck my friend :)

Cheryll said...

4great blog always fun with lots of interesting shots and music too. I am voting for the curls but the other 2 are cute too and that is how I would wear my hair most of the time. Curls take time but so cute. Love, Aunt Cheryll

Shannon and Brad said...