Thursday, October 9, 2008


Thanks a lot, Erin. (and that comment is dripping with sarcasm :D) I can't seem to stay away from The Pioneer Woman. I just relate. Even her whirlwind romance to her cowboy hubby rings very familiar to me. I love everything about her site: Her photography - especially the photos of the livestock and her family (especially her kiddos) working the ranch, her gardening stuff, her "confessions". And the food. Oh, heaven help me, the food. Tonight we had her onion strings. Man. OH Man. Even Caroline gobbled them up. Caroline, who, if she even feels the texture of a cooked onion in her mouth starts to gag uncontrollably. Even after she'd eaten, like 10, and I told her they were onions she still downed them. And because I'm a Utah girl deep down there somewhere, I had to serve them with fry sauce. Anything that deliciously fried has to have something deliciously calorie laden to dip it in.


Momma Miller said...

I LOVE Ree, too! I totally related. It's nice to see another pioneer woman fan!

Erin said...

Uhm....sorry???!!! I knew you'd LOVE her. So happy you are enjoying her site, and I LOVE your sarcasim ;)

Would you like me to addict you to more sites?? lol

Shannon and Brad said...

Mmmmmm! I want that recipe. I have a friend here who has fry sauce shipped to her from Utah!