Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dancin' Fools

Mostly, this post is for the benefit of my family who are all far away and don't get to see the kids on a regular basis. Clayton's my little rhythm man. He loves to bang on drums (he loves to bang on anything for that matter, including his sister's head.) And he loves to dance.

Here, we're listening to "Thriller" and Clayton is doing his own version of it.

Caroline started dance lessons last month. It's been good for her coordination. Plus, it's just so stinkin' fun to watch her in her little leotard with her dance shoes on. Her teacher is great, and I like her style of instruction - it's a lot like the way I used to teach when I did dance. Unfortunately, the video ends just before they start the "boogie woogie" which is so cute to watch. I had moved for a better shot with the camera, and Clayton realized I wasn't right behind him. Listen for the plaintive wail near the end of the video.


Jill said...

What cute little dancers! I can't wait for ballet class.....maybe Emery will take dance too.

Christina said...

Very cute videos, I love that Clayton is rocking out to Michael Jackson, I didn't know you even had that music in your collection, you little rebel, you! Wish I could be there to see the kids more, they are growing up so fast!

Shannon and Brad said...

Awwwww! So cute. Can't wait to try your Chocolate truffle dessert.

Krista said...

Kylee was in dance last year, but I didn't put her in this year- she was a little mad at me at first but got over it quick. Let me know if you need some leotards or anything- by time I put Kylee in again, she'll not fit into the ones she has.

Cute video. Are they going to do a recital?