Saturday, September 19, 2009

One Month Old!

I can't believe it was a month ago today that Connor arrived! The time has really flown and he seems so big already sometimes. I just want it all to slow down! He is such a good baby - he rarely cries and mostly just fusses when he's got a little bubble or gas. He's smiled at different family members several times in the last week (but I was first!) Around the time he turned 2 weeks old, he decided he'd try out sleeping through the night. We enjoyed 3 or 4 nights of bliss and then he discovered that wasn't for him. But he usually only gets up once, around 2 or 3, for which I am very grateful, though still tired! And just for kicks & giggles, I pulled out my measuring tape today, and near as I can tell, he's added another inch to his length for a total of 23 inches. He's recently discovered his voice and I love to hear his little coos. What a sweet baby he is and how grateful I am everyday for his presence in our home and the spirit he brings, so fresh from heaven.

My boys. I love saying that! (being from a family of 7 girls).

Connor was smiling at Clayton but everytime I tried to snap a picture, he'd throw his arm up, sortof like he was trying to wave "hello" to the camera.


Rachelle said...

NO! Connor cannot POSSIBLY be a month old already!!! He is such a sweetheart - I'm so glad he's a good baby for you!

BandB Eyes said...

He is adorable!!! Just like the other two!

Shannon said...

Connor is growing so fast! He looks like a mix of your other two. So cute!