Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just Too Cute!

In the craziness of adjusting to life with 3 kids, I've found it a little hard to find time to post. But I've taken lots of pictures of our busyButler babies. Mostly because, well, they're just so cute! So here's a sample of things that have been happening around here:

Clayton really loves his baby brother and asks frequently if he can "pet" him. He lovingly strokes his little head, arms, hands & legs. So sweet!

Connor loves to stretch out when I lay him in the sunshine.

Er, naptime with Daddy. Jake offered to lay down with the kids so I could have a break. I heard giggling about 10 minutes later and went to see what was up. Well, the kids were. Up climbing the bed. Clayton looked like a litte monkey and was so proud of himself that he was hanging from the top bunk. Check out Daddy, zonked out on Caroline's bed in the background.

Connor is pretty smiley in his sleep. I love it and could watch and snap pictures all day!

Caroline & Clayton have recently decided that they need to sleep in the same bed (I think it's because they shared the big bed at Uncle Pete & Aunt Sarah's the two nights that Jake & I were at the hospital.)

A little down time with Daddy, watching the tube. I was supposedly making dinner.

Caroline, all ready for church on Sunday. It was pretty chilly, so she's all bundled up and looked so pretty with all those bright flowers in the garden!


Jill said...

Yay for beautiful Butlerbabes!

Amy said...

What are you doing making dinner? You should be watching tv with the kids! (I'm still pretty much on frozen pizza track myself...)

Christina said...

I agree with Amy, you should be sitting down with your feet up holding that precious Connor while Jake and the kids make dinner. That's what I'm planning on making Jared do...shhhh!

Shauna said...

Just so WAY cute!! Caroline looks adoreable in pink an blue. Congrats on all the cute kids!!