Sunday, September 27, 2009

Love Bug's Birthday!

When asked this morning what she wanted to wear to church on her birthday, she replied that she needed to wear a pink princess dress with a pink bow. Here she is all beautiful (after church, since I forgot to take a picture before) with her sparkly birthday crown compliments of her dance teacher!

Four years ago today, Jake & I became parents when Caroline Anne joined our family. We are so grateful for the sweet little girl Heavenly Father entrusted to us to love & care for here on earth. I still can't believe she's 4 - and she's already asking us when she'll be 20 and go to "college school". (NEVER!) She requested Macaroni & Cheese, Peas and Orange Fluff salad for her Birthday meal today and we enjoyed celebrating with some of the family.

Here is a glimpse back on the last 4 years!

One of my favorite pictures - Jake cradling our firstborn.

Just a few days old.

Two months old.

5 months old.

1st Birthday

2nd Birthday (We celebrated the day before we blessed Clayton. She was just getting used to a new baby brother and needed some TLC from her aunties!)

3rd Birthday.

Today! She COULD NOT WAIT to open presents! And she had lots of help from her brother.

Checking out the new DVD from Uncle Pete & Aunt Sarah together.

THE birthday present she wanted - Bendaroos, from Clayton!!! (DON'T buy these. They're a waste of money. Complete junk.)

Before Connor was born, the kids & I went to Safeway to look at the cake book in their bakery. I thought that since I'd have a new baby, I'd make it easier on myself by just ordering cakes. Clayton chose Batman and Caroline surprised me by selecting a "Hello Kitty" cake. But I just couldn't justify $20 for a cake when I could do it myself for under $5. So here's my version of a "Hello Kitty" cake. There are a few less than perfect spots, but Caroline & I had fun doing it together. We rolled out Starbursts and used a cookie cutter to make flowers.

The rainbow cake inside. I got the idea here.

Caroline and her new Meadowlark bird from Grandpa & Grandma Butler, that actually sings the Meadowlark's distinctive melody (ONE noise making toy that I will NEVER tire of - especially in the winter when the Meadowlarks fly south!); her new doll with the same color eyes & hair as Caroline and sporting PINK! COWGIRL! BOOTS! And the new Little Pony nightgown from Uncle Pete & Aunt Sarah. And a unicorn sticker. On her cheek. Also from Pete & Sarah. They know what she likes!


Julianna said...

She is so big, looks like a fun party. I love the rainbow cake, I've been wanting to make one like that for a while but too lazy. Birthdays is one of my favorite mom things. How is it being the mom of three, I'm starting to get wayyyy nervous.

Brittany said...

Millie, We think alike. Thomas' birthday is this weekend and I am making the SAME cake for it. I am also making cupcakes. So I will post about it at the end of this week. You should of heard me when I saw your posting. I said "She took my idea!!!" and James was worried something serious had happened. Anyway, I am glad it was a good birthday. Brittany

Christina said...

Oh my gosh, I love that cake! It's looks amazing and I love the rainbow layers idea. Maybe someday I'll actually make the kids' cakes myself, up til now I've been lazy and ordered one. I'm impressed that you found time to make it with a newborn!

Jill said...

Looks like it was a fun, fun day! I am sorry the bendaroos were a bust. We used Wikki Sticks today at the library (similar concept, better design) and they were a HUGE hit. We used them to do dot to dots, and even the little kids could bend them and restick them. Awesome toy. Beautiful cake, Millie.

Erin said...

Millie, you are amazing! What a fun Birthday for Caroline....