Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Week in Review

Clayton cannot be without a hat. All day long, he has some sort of hat on most of the time. His cowboy hat, my cowboy hat, Jake's or Caroline's. Doesn't matter. Or his baseball cap. Or Jake's or a little bucket hat that has stitching to look like a baseball an is too small for him. Or, my favorite, a little pink Easter hat of Caroline's.

We enjoyed a couple of incredibly warm days last week and took advantage of every minute outside. (Good thing, too, since we've had 5 days now of overcast, chilly, drizzly weather.)

Clayton and Grandpa hopped on the tractor last week to spread our er, homemade fertilizer in the garden (We live on a horse ranch, people. I'm sure you can figure out what I'm talking about!) When they were done and Grandpa turned off the tractor to get Clayton down, he had a complete tantrum. Clayton definitely belongs on a farm and I'm sure will be our tractor driver in a few years during hay season.

Yesterday, while the kids were playing/watching some TV, Clayton walked up to Caroline and just put his arms around her. She reciprocated and they stood there for about 5 minutes, snuggling as they viewed a little "Max & Ruby."

When she wakes up in the morning, Caroline has recently begun climbing into Clayton's crib where they will play & look at books until someone comes to get them. Clayton wanted to return the favor, I guess, and insisted on sleeping in his sister's bed last night. Just to see what they'd do, we let them. The condition was that they were not to leave the bed. They were very obedient. I could hear them playing for at least an hour after we put them down, but when I went to check on them just before I turned in, this was what I found.

Again, Clayton's hat (this is the little bucket hat I was describing earlier.)


Julianna said...

They are cute. Eyla and Raya are just starting to do that kind of stuff, like hug and kiss at random times and sit together and play and share stuff. I love it.

Rachelle said...

Cute babes!

Roxy said...

your kids are darling and they look so grown up! thanks for your comment and YES i would love to do a little photo shoot for your fam as long as you know my disclaimer that i am no professional and have no gaurantees, then we are good. my e-mail is roxy1130@hotmail.com
so just let me know.