Thursday, April 23, 2009


It was haircut night for the Butler boys last night. Clayton was getting a little shaggy. I hadn't intended to buzz it all off when I started, but: he's wiggly and I didn't want to fight him, it's getting warmer out, and I just got the itch to try something new on his little head. I think he's kindof cute with a buzz, but was worried I'd wake up this morning regretting that I hadn't left a little to comb. No worries - this morning dawned bright & shiny (so did that little head) and I still think he's darling. Plus, hair grows, right?

Jake wanted a buzz too. Uh. No. Sorry, sweetheart.
And, I seriously love warm weather. We can cut hair outside on the deck and I don't have to think about all that hair in my kitchen. Yay!


Momma Miller said...

I think it looks great. I remember my brothers getting buzzes at the start of every summer. I think we're about to do the same for Brandon. I'm not yet ready to cut Brighton's hair (sniff, sniff).

By the way, CHECK YOUR EMAIL or call me. I want to chat again!


Christina said...

Clayton looks so cute, we buzz Jared's off a few times a year too! Hey, are you going to find out what your having? Did you hear Sue's news?