Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Mom!" (Door slams open and hits the wall) "The Easter Bunny Came Last Night!!!"

That is how we discovered that Caroline finally "gets it" about holidays. She has to walk through the living room to get to our room, and so, of course, she saw the bunny 'droppings' (jelly beans lining every inch of furniture) and could hear the "peep peep" of new baby chicks. Since the Easter Bunny knows we live in the boonies and that Sunday is not only hectic for us to get to church early but also reserved as a day for our family to really focus on the real reason we celebrate Easter, he visits us on the Saturday morning before. It was so much fun to watch the kids hunt for treats and enjoy their Easter loot. The sweetest was to see their expressions with the new chicks we got to replace the ones the Raccoon got in the fall. They still can't get enough of them, and I can't wait for the dang balls of fluff to get big enough to go in the coop. Not to mention the fact that our hands are starting to get somewhat chapped & raw from all the hand washing after handling them.

When Caroline was Clayton's age, we got tons of pictures of her picking jelly beans up one by one and savoring them with the cutest expressions on her face. Clayton shovelled them into his mouth & basket so fast, I couldn't capture the moment most of the time. But we did get some priceless shots. Later in the day, when cousins came over, we dyed eggs together and just had a good time being with each other. So here's documentation of our day. Enjoy.

"Wow. Where do I start???"

After a couple of trips back and forth, Caroline figured out that it was easier to carry her basket with her on the hunt.

When Caroline describes her Easter egg hunt experience, she says that Clayton got to look for the "low" ones...
...and she got to search for the "high ones."
Easter Basket Booty


Krista said...

Pretty darn cute! What lucky children to get such a special & unique Easter. I want to play with the chicks too!

Amy said...

baby chicks for easter, so cute! My husband made a cage for them out in the coop, so the big ones don't peck the little ones...gets them out of my kitchen faster! Crazy to be a farm girl...