Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Very Long Visit to Utah!

At the beginning of March, my brave mom and younger sister Marilyn drove out here together & spent a few days. We visited the doctor, did errands and just hung around the house. Marilyn helped me put together bunches of casseroles which we stuck in the freezer over at the bunkhouse in preparation for my absence. Then, on Thursday the 12th, they left. They drove 12 hours to Minneapolis to pick up my other sister, Lucinda, turned around and drove almost the entire way back on Friday. Saturday morning, after an overnight stop in Rapid City, SD, they came back to get the kids and I. Caroline was so excited it was difficult to contain her. She had her backpack on 10 minutes before they got to the house and we found her outside at one point waiting to get into "Mona's van" for the 12 hour drive to Utah. The kids did exceptionally well on the long journey. Probably because they had 2 sweet Aunties to entertain them. Me, on the other hand - not so much. The cold I'd been battling hit full force and I spent most of the time in misery. We got to Lehi, Utah and stayed in a hotel to regroup. On Monday, we finished the last 4 hours of the trip after a stop at the Bean Life Science Museum on the BYU campus (where we had "special priveleges" to see the reptile room and hold the snakes - since I used to work there) and a visit to Deseret Book to pick up Jake's birthday present. (I'm SO EXCITED to give it to him!!!)

Caroline & Clayton were happy to FINALLY be in Monticello.
Well, Clayton was just happy to give loves to his favorite auntie at the moment.
Monticello was a treat! We just enjoyed being at Papa & Mona's house and visiting with Lucinda & Catherine for the first week. Tuesday night, Mom, Lucinda & I were able to attend a beautiful presentation of "The Ten Virgins" - the same one I directed earlier this year. It was beautiful, and so wonderful to just sit and enjoy and not sing & direct.

Then on Friday, we were joined by Nannette & Marilyn. We all helped Catherine get gorgeous for the prom and she left on her date. Papa brought out a surprise for each of us: A corsage or boutenierre. There was even one for Darlamarie, who passed away 7 1/2 years ago - with her favorite flowers, gerber daisies. So before we got all pretty, we bundled up and visited the cemetery to take Darla her flowers.

Catherine & her date, Jesse (my 5th grade teacher's son and a State Champ wrestler!)
Papa & Clayton swapping hats, getting ready to go outside.

Dad & Nanny "pinning on" Darla's corsage.

Then we went home and gussied ourselves up for the prom. I won't tell you how late my kids stayed up that night, but it was a lot of fun to see my youngest sister's handiwork. Catherine was prom chair and did a beautiful job decorating for the dance to the theme of "Star-crossed Lovers". I'm not sure what it's like other places, but in Monticello, the whole community shows up and pays a pretty penny to watch the Junior class perform a "promenade" - a choreographed dance. Many citizens just go to prom for the sake of getting dressed up and getting to dance with their sweetheart - in fact, several of my high school friends who married each other went to the prom for their "date night". I thought that was very sweet and it made me miss Jake terribly! I danced with Clayton. He was an okay substitute. And almost as handsome!

Caroline giving Aunt Lucinda a pedicure the night before Prom.
What in the heck is that thing you're pinning to my clothes???
Caroline's first corsage.
"Oh, Mom's sure pretty, but she's no Jake!"

Watch out, Mom!!!

Whew, no pokes!
Nannette is really concentrating. I think she was worried Dad might miss.

Is prom a spectator sport anywhere else in the U.S., or just Monticello?

Catherine was voted 1st attendent to the Prom queen, which happened to be her best friend, Kendyl. Our 2nd cousin, Jenna, who has Downs Syndrome, was voted Prom princess by her class.

Awwwww, aren't they cute?

We're not so great with the whole centered self-portrait thing. Trust me. We tried & tried. With both cameras.
The next week and a half we enjoyed visiting with friends, having playdates, reading story after story with Mona (thanks Mona, for being so patient!) and going to "the Valley" with Papa to feed the horses, sheep & bulls. He even got out the kite a few times to help Caroline fly it. My camera died, so I don't have any pictures of any of the fun.


Becks said...

It was so good to visit with you. So sorry that I was a slacker and didn't catch up with you until Sunday...I would say that it was an unusual occurance, but that is pretty much my life! Crazy!!! But, I love it and wouldn't change a thing...well, maybe my organizational skills :) You're children are so precious, and you are one great mommy...keep up that great work!!!

luCindy said...

Great pictures, I miss my kids! oh and you too.

Shannon and Brad said...

It was so fun to see you Millie. Catherine was beautiful in her dress.