Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sew Busy!

*Disclaimer - this represents weeks and sometimes months of work on days that I haven't just wanted to lay my pregnant self on the sofa and watch old episodes of "The Lone Ranger" or whatever happened to be on Nick Jr., with my kids. I'm not really as busy as I make myself out to be. But I have worked on a few things and had a blast doing them. So I wanted to share!

Back in May, two of my darling nieces celebrated their 1st & 2nd birthdays. I made them reversible aprons. They turned out SO CUTE!

I hit the nesting stage about a month earlier in this pregnancy than with the others. Besides doing other home dec projects, I've been sewing, daily sewing... throw pillows for my bed & a pillow case for my body pillow;

A cover for my boppy pillow - I think I'm going to take it apart & lose the bow, though. Too froofy, I decided;

Bedding for the moses basket the baby will sleep in;

Bedding for Caroline & Clayton's new (as of mid-May) toddler beds under the loft bed we scored.

This last week, Caroline & Clayton have discovered the 1966 classic, "Batman: the Movie" starring Adam West. Clayton runs around the house yelling, "I Batman! I Batman!" and Caroline is quite content to play the sidekick. So I created some reversible super hero capes for both of them, with masks & belts. On one side is Batman/Robin. On the other side is Captain Clayton/Super Caroline. Definitely time well spent at the sewing machine!


2Shaye ♪♫ said...

Hey darlin'! I just LOVE your reversible aprons. We're about to work on some here at the'll be part of our homeschool curriculum, I'm sure. LOL And last Christmas I made some super hero capes for my sweet nephews. I didn't put any emblem on the backs just in case they had a certain one they wanted to use, but I made the neck part with fabric covered in felt and then placed velcro atop that. Maybe I'll get around to blogging it some day. I much to share, so little time to write it. LOL

Have a great rest of the week!

Rachelle said...

Cute Millie! How did you make the masks?

Emily said...

my kids love that better get some shark spray!

Christina said...

So cute, I love all the projects you've done lately, especially all the baby and kid's bedding! You put us all to shame. Good luck when the babe gets here and I can't wait to meet him!

Marianne & Clayton said...

You are out of control! I can't believe how much you are getting done in your last trimester! Those projects are amazing!

Amy said...

Seriously, Millie, you put me to shame. I was proud of sewing a strip of flannel on a cloth diaper to make burp rags... I guess it's good we all have different talents!!!

Susan said...

So stinkin' cute, Millie! I really like the Batman and Robin masks and capes as well as the bedding. So cute!!!

Shannon and Brad said...

I am so totally impressed!! LOVE the aprons. The moses basket is out of this world cute!!