Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Feathering the Nest!

I've hit that point in this pregnancy - a little sooner than with the others - where all I want to do is clean and do home improvement projects. Jake loves this phase because the kitchen is always clean when he walks into the house. I freely admit: I hate housework. I would rather be making the messes with my creative outlets (cooking, sewing, crafting, playing) than cleaning them up. But as of late, the need for clean drives me every day to scrub, polish and organize. And it only intensifies my desire to make new, cute things to adorn the house. So, here is a sneak peek at two projects I've completed in the last two days! They are actually the same project - but since one is in my bathroom and nobody ever sees that, I felt comfortable doing something similar for the living room.

I used this tutorial by Thrifty Decor Chick, and was inspired to put Gordon B. Hinckley's Be's on the living room wall, using 12X12 inch wooden mdf tiles. He started with 6 and later came out with another 3 - perfect for my nine squares! I looked at our local scrapbook store for rub on letters and toyed with the idea of rubber stamping them on. But then the proprietor of the scrapbook store suggested I call a lady in town who has a cricut machine. For $3 she cut all the words for me on black cardstock I provided. Not bad!

Over the tub in our bathroom was a big, blank, white wall. Nothing I stuck there seemed right. But I did these 9X9 inch squares and I am SO. EXITED. ABOUT. THIS. I LOVE walking into the bathroom now and can't do it without turning and gazing at the wall for a few seconds.
Next on the to-do list: Find a way to mount the bathroom shelves I made, and RIP OUT THE BATHROOM CARPET and replace it with CONGOLEUM!!! (Especially want to complete that project before Clayton starts potty training. I mean seriously - potty training a little boy in a carpeted bathroom??? GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!)
But, that will all have to wait until we're back from our family reunion this weekend in WASHINGTON D.C.! Yahoo!


Momma Miller said...

That's really cute! Now come on over with all that 3rd trimester motivation and help me sort through our 14 years of clutter. I'm seriously. We've hauled it all up to our main floor and are sorting through it all, box by box, so that we hopefully don't have to do it again. Ughh!



Rachelle said...

Soooo cute!

˙·٠♥PhAeDrA♥٠·˙ said...

I love it! Have a great 4th in Washington. Call me when you get back and maybe we can meet up for lunch and a play date!

Amy said...

Cute! I love new decorating projects too!

Shannon and Brad said...

Oh my CUTE!!