Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Oh, how I love Halloween! I love the treats and the decorations. I LOVE dressing up! This holiday is such a creative outlet for me! We had a fun time this year. On Thursday night we got to attend our Branch Halloween party, which had fun booths and fun food! It was a lot of fun to see all the kids dressed up. It was even more fun to see some of the adults decked out (made me feel a little better about my silly costume!) Caroline went as a Rodeo Queen, I was a Rodeo Clown (but I stand corrected. They are no longer called clowns. They are now referred to as "Bullfighters". Go figure. More prestigious I guess.) We also had Sheriff Clayton and Deputy Jake along with us to protect us from the scary creatures. Friday night we just dressed the kids up for a dinner out with some friends and their kids. Then we all went trick or treating together to the local assisted living center. It was nice inside, warm & safe. And you couldn't beat the smiles on the residents when they saw all the cute little kids coming to their doors for treats. What a great way to spend Halloween!
Caroline enjoying the goodies at the Branch party with her friend Mara.
All the cute babies on Friday night after dinner. (McKenzie, Noah, Gracie, Caroline, Ava & Clayton)


Shannon and Brad said...

What a fun Halloween. You all look great!

Emily said...

I’m impressed to the extent Jake went to dress up. ;-) You all look great. Go clowns...I mean bull fighters!

Hmachine said...

Soo cute. You always have so much fun!!