Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So Bugged - But Thankful

Two weeks ago on my weekly trip to town, I stopped in at the local scrapbook store, chatted with the proprietor for a while, purchased some darling hair bow making supplies and left. The next morning, I got a phone call from her. She was very concerned that she hadn't entered me in the drawing for the "Hometown Holiday Giveaway". The prize was $75 worth of groceries for your Thanksgiving dinner, including the Turkey & a Ham. Count me in! I was to listen the following Monday morning to the local radio station to see if I won. So I did, and miracle of all miracles, my name was drawn! I never win ANYTHING! I was SO excited! So the following Tuesday on my next trip to town, I went back to the store to pick up my loot. Inside the bag was a gift certificate to Safeway for my turkey, free coupons for mayo, cornstarch & kara syrup (all things I use for our big day & the leftovers after) a box of stuffing mix & several gravy seasoning packets (neither of which I use because I do everything from scratch, but whatev) a couple boxes of XXL Ziploc bags (I can substitute one of these for a brining bag for my turkey, right???) and a random audio book. I was assured that the rest hadn't been gathered up yet, but that I would be getting a phone call when it was ready & I could pick it up. Okay, no problem. So I go in yesterday to the radio station for the rest of my Thanksgiving feast. I was handed a bag that contained this:

(McCormick Crusting Blends)
Actually, it was thirty 1.8 oz. free sample packets of French Onion, Pepper & Herb Crusting Blends. What??????? I'm sure they'd taste great on my turkey, but what about all the groceries I was promised???? I double checked with the receptionist that handed me the bag, and was assured that it was the right bag and that was my prize. I was slightly bugged. Not that I really need a ham, (since we slaughtered 2 hogs at the beginning of the summer and are pretty much set with all things pork for another several months), but I was kindof hoping for the gift card that I could use for my sweet potatoes, pie supplies, etc... Oh well. I AM really thankful to have a free turkey! And instead of complaining I suppose I should be using this time to be brining that 20 lb. baby and getting her ready for tomorrow's deliciousness.

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Rachelle said...

Bummer, but the brined turkey sounds delish! We're having dinner with my brothers this year in Texas. I think there's going to be a fried turkey and some ribs or steak - too funny! Happy Turkey Day!