Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Nothing has happened lately that's blogworthy so I thought I'd do this survey that my cute sister-in-law tagged me with. Maybe you'll learn a few things about me that you didn't know!

8 TV shows I watch:
1. Decorating Cents
2. Little Einsteins (I know, I know - but I think it's clever and Caroline & I watch it together.)
3. The Unit
4. Pushing Daisies
5. Desperate Housewives
6. The Office
7. ER
8. uhhh....

8 favorite restaurants:
1. Café Rio - not in NE :(
2. Arby's
3. Qudoba
4. Cold Stone!
5. I don't eat out a lot...so I'm having a hard time with this one!

8 things that happened today:
1. I made breakfast burritos for my visiting parents, sister, hubby & kiddos.
2. Emptied the dishwasher
3. Started the laundry.
4. Made a shopping list for Thanksgiving dinner.
5. Vaccumed the floor.
6. Updated my blog.
7. The day's still young! It's only 9:40 a.m.!

8 things I look forward to:
1. Thanksgiving weekend (food, shopping, sleeping in!)
2. Christmas (opening presents, food, relaxing with family)
3. Our 6th anniversary at the end of December!!!
4. More snow and playing with the kids in it!
5. Community Christmas Choir concert with all the different church choirs!
6. Having more kids someday
7. Next summer's garden!
8. Watching my kids grow up

8 things on my wish list:
1. For my family to be fixed.
2. To have more kids
3. To be healthy and reach my goal weight
4. To go to Hawaii for our 10th anniversary.
5. To catch up on my scrapbooks someday
6. To be able to stop time so I can catch up on my scrapbooks and still get a decent night’s sleep!7. To add on to our home so we have more room for more kiddos.
8. To see my kids all go on missions and/or get married in the temple

8 people I tag today:
1. Robin B.
2. Shannon Y.
3. Jill R.
4. Brittany B.
5. Phaedra V.
6. Michelle R.
7. Heather P.
8. Rachelle T.
9. Krista D. (Okay, okay - there's just not room for all my friends with just 8!)


Christina said...

Hey, you totally copied me on about half those answers. Good thing I'm so cool that you want to be just like me!

Millie, Jake, Caroline and Clayton said...

Yup - but it was things I would totally have put down anywway - you just made it easier for me!!!