Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stocking Stuffers!

We had an ultrasound on December 19th. Jake is the only one who peeked, and shortly afterward, he called my good friend and asked her to create something that Santa could put in a little stocking to let the rest of us in on the secret!

Christmas Eve, we hung a teeny tiny stocking, and when we woke up, instead of it being filled, it was laying on top of a good-sized gift box.

Before we opened it, my sister gave us a gift card to Target. Attached was a fun "Spin the Stork" game, and everyone took turns spinning to see what the guesses were for the baby's gender. The the general consensus was that it would be a girl. Except Papa, who after originally guessed girl, then looked at the ultrasound photos and changed his mind because the baby's ear looked like a "boy ear".

My dad HAS always had a knack for correctly guessing what's in a present before he opens it...

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Christina said...

Congrats, Jake and Millie! I hope we have a little cowboy too so they can play together in a few years. Only 3 more months, we can do it! Miss you!