Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Love Bug's Birthday!

My little princess turned 6 last month. SIX!!! I swear, just yesterday I was holding her sweet little newborn self in the hospital in Amarillo, TX!

Just as we finished her birthday dinner, I told her I was sure that I heard someone knocking on the door and sent her to answer it. I booked it out the back way trying to get a shot of her reaction to the new bike sitting on the deck. It's all she wanted this year, and she was estatic!

For her dinner, she requested Tortellini Soup and homemade breadsticks (a serious surprise to me, since usually she would rather have mac & cheese than anything else!) And every time we go to the store, she begs me to buy pink snowballs. I never have. For her birthday, I had Jake pick up a huge box full and I stacked them up on the cake plate and stuck candles in them. Easiest birthday cake I've ever made, and though I was worried, she didn't feel one big slighted that the boys got their cake and she got this - I think they were all she dreamed of and more!

Connor picked out a set of Ken doll clothes for her (which I think he was most excited to play with - she was still going on and on about her bike.) Clayton chose a Tangled book for her to read and a bar of Dove chocolate. I think he'll do well with the ladies in later years.


Natalie said...

Looks like a wonderfully easy birthday party! Did she LIKE the pink snowballs???

Shannon said...

That's an adorable cake idea!