Monday, October 17, 2011

Connor's 2!!!

The boys have birthdays exactly one day apart in August. Connor's is first, and we let him open his presents that evening. I can't believe this baby is already 2!

He was pretty excited about recieving "Woody & Bullseye" from Clayton.

He opened this and yelled "Cowboy shut (shirt)!!!" It was from his Aunt Cindy and is his absolute favorite color.

Caroline bought him a pack of his very own crayons with her own money. I wish you could see the huge smile hiding behind the box!

Also from Clayton: his old Batman figurine (one that Clayton actually recieved for his 2nd birthday, that he is now passing down so that Connor doesn't can have his very own action figures to play with!)

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Jill said...

How nice of Clayton to share his action figures, I love it! Glad it was a fun birthday bash week! (and my word verification was "mater" even blogger must have Cars on the brain.)