Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You're A Peach!

We've been working hard to show our appreciation for Caroline's Kindergarten teacher, the para in her class who is so sweet and our fantastic bus driver! For the para and the driver, this is what we came up with:

In August I bought 2 boxes of Utah peaches (I try to buy locally, but as a Utah girl, this is my once-a-year splurge that I treat myself to. (Along with the Cache Valley cheese curds that some locals here bring back with the fruit from the orchard near Logan, Utah that they have shares in.)

I bottled half the peaches and turned the other half in to peach jam and peach salsa. It turned out fabulous! It is delicious with grilled chicken or pork chops and I usually serve it with a side of cilantro rice on a bed of lettuce or spinach.

For the Thank-You gifts, I created a tag that gives suggestions for using the salsa. I glued it to the top of the lid and just screwed the ring down around the top of it.

I wrapped some cute scrapbook paper around the jar and glued it in place.

Then I made the "You're A Peach" tag, added a metal rivet for stability and tied it to the jar neck.

Voila! Instant thank-you for the peachy-keen ladies in our life! If you're lucky enough to find some juicy peaches this summer for salsa, and are interested in printing labels to go with them, you can find them here!

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