Saturday, May 14, 2011

An extremely belated Easter post. Or in other words, I'm useless at documenting holidays.

It's always fun when the baby figures out what's going on. I think he ate twice as many jelly beans as ended up in his basket. Oh, well. Breakfast of champions, right?

I didn't take many pictures of our Easter celebrations this year. We had a ball! Saturday morning started us off with the early visit from the Easter Bunny (he likes to visit us on Saturday, because he knows we focus our Sunday on Jesus Christ - the REAL reason we celebrate Easter!) When the bunny comes to our house, he leaves a trail of jelly beans on all furniture surfaces. Clayton described it to his Primary teacher as "the Easter Bunny came to our house and left a big mess!"

The kids wore the cute T-shirts (uh, no pictures) they found in their baskets and loved the books they each got to read, as well as coloring and activity books!

We had a wonderful brunch with the whole Nebraska Butler bunch - including Aunt Sue, Uncle Josh, H & E who were visiting from Washington State! Following was a rousing Easter Egg hunt outside the barn. Again, useless and forgot the camera (Sue and Sarah, if you're reading this, I'd love some pictures!)

Sunday was very sweet and relaxed. Caroline was quick to remember to thank Heavenly Father for the gift of His son's atonement and resurrection when she said the Family Prayer before we left for church. It brought tears to her momma's eyes.

The boys looked darling in matching ties. Caroline's dress (an upcycled find from a rummage sale) turned out perfect. Alas. No photos. Maybe I'll try to recreate some Easter morning shots.

We enjoyed our farm-raised ham for dinner. And a pie buffet later with the whole crew. It was a pretty perfect weekend.


Rachelle said...

MMMmmm, "homemade" ham! And we do the Saturday/fun, Sunday/sacred thing too. Always have - it makes such a difference!

Shannon said...

Looks like a super fun easter! I don't know if I gave you an invite to my blog or not. Here's my email just in case: