Monday, March 7, 2011

Boy Joy

I miss my little Caroline during the day. A lot. But while she's off at school, I have the whole day (minus nap/quiet time) with these two guys. We have so much fun, and mostly, I just like to watch them play together. I grew up with 6 little sisters and no brothers, so having two rough and tumble boys is a whole new world for me. They chase each other, wrestle, and generally make mischief. Jake assures me it is all normal.
Clayton dresses up all day. He is really into superheroes and changes identity frequently. Connor has been watching him closely, and Clayton often will call him "Superbaby" or "Superboy" and make sure he's wearing one of the extra capes we have around. Today, for the first time, Connor initiated the costume wearing and brought me the Spidey suit for help. I was lucky enough that when I found the suit, there were actually two in different sizes(at a rummage sale - there were also 2 pairs of Spiderman slippers which I snatched up Too!) Anticipating a day when both boys might want to dress up as Spiderman, I bought them both. The day has arrived.
Connor wants to do whatever Clayton is doing. When we have school in the morning, Connor insists on sitting up to the table and coloring like his big brother.
Connor the crooner. He carries this little two string ukelele around constantly, plucking and singing with a serious look on his little face. It just tickles me that he is so into music. He alos likes to climb up on the piano bench and offer his musical stylings. But the most amazing thing to me is that he can tell the difference between a music book and a storybook. He'll look at pictues and "read" books, but if he opens one up with music bars, he instantly starts singing little tunes. I love it! I think I'm going to have to make one of these little guitars I found at Make it and Love it!
Between the wailing from being squished in front of the rocking horse and the giggles from both boys rocking together, this made for a loud, but super fun morning. I could barely stop laughing long enough to take a picture!
Clayton doesn't really love sweets. He will NOT eat candy, unless it is in chocolate chip form. But he loves cookies. He loves to be in the kitchen making them with Jake or myself (we have developed a Sunday afternoon tradition where Jake makes cookies with the kids while I nap. We get home from church and Clayton orders me to bed so he can have his cookie time with Daddy!) He was super excited to help decorate these Valentine cookies for our horseshoeing students!

Things I love about Clayton:
He's my gentle giant. He's a sweetheart who loves to snuggle and give big "super smooches". He frequently saves the day. He has a very tender heart and discipline doesn't have to be severe to get a response. He compliments me all the time - I often hear "Mom, you make delicious food!" He also is very good at "Mom, thank you for making this yummy dinner!" while we're sitting down to eat at the table. He always remembers to put his dishes in the sink. He loves his fruit and veggies! He's a self starter - he gets up in the morning, and gets himself dressed. At around 6 p.m. (or earlier, depending on the time of year and when it starts to get dark outside) he'll disappear for a few minutes and then emerge from his room with his pj's on because it's night time.
Things I love about Connor:
His funny facial expressions. He practices the "stink eye" and other funny faces because he knows it will make us laugh. He loves music and will help "lead" the signing in church. He climbs everything - sometimes it's good, sometimes not. He loves sign language and can currently sign: thank you, please, milk, water, drink, cookie, cracker, food/eat, horse, cow, bird, fish, bug, bear, cat, dog, ball, train and snail. He watches my sister-in-law sign every Sunday for my nephew who is deaf and has gotten to where he associates her with the movement of her hands. When he sees her, his little hands just start moving! He thinks he's sneaky and will push a stool up to the kitchen counter and feel around on top to find anything he can to put in his mouth. I've found candy wrapper trails through the house on more than one occasion. He is also a little tech geek and can push buttons and figure things out on the the camera, phone or computer faster than I can. And as busy as this boy is, he will sit contentedly for hours to be read to, book after book after book.

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Julianna said...

I love this post. What darling and sweet little guys.