Saturday, February 19, 2011

Today's Thrifty Find!

As Caroline and I walked into one of the rummage rooms in Chadron today, ready to find some treasures, a woman asked if I knew where a particular street was located, because she said there was a moving sale being held there. Out of curiosity, we headed that same direction when we were finished with our treasure hunt. It was basically a walk through the house where pretty much everything left inside was for sale. Nothing we saw seemed that desirable, until we walked into the last room. There was an oak cabinet sitting there marked $10. It is actually a computer cabinet, which isn't something we need, but I knew exactly where a nice cabinet with shelves would be useful in our house. After a little tweaking, it now holds cookbooks, the drawer inside contains my kitchen towels, and all the home-canned fruits, veggies, salsas & jams that I worked so hard to put up this summer have a nice, discreet home. I love it!
Again, please pardon my lack of computer skills and the sideways pictures. I will hopefully eventually figure this out!




Rachelle said...

Wow!!! What a find!

Marianne & Clayton said...

Great find! And as to rotating pictures, my computer used to have the same problem. It's soooo frustrating! The only way I could fix it was to go through the pictures while they were still on my camera, go to the camera Menu and choose "Rotate" and rotate each one before I downloaded them. Then one day my computer just stopped having a problem with it. No reason why. I know I googled it dozens of times but never found a solution that worked. Maybe something is better now. You could also try downloading them to another site and then taking them from that site when you download them to blogger. Does that make sense? Sorry this is such a long comment. Good luck.

Amy said...

Ok, Seriously, I was impressed by the find but even MORE impressed by the array of canned food on your shelves! Wow! All I do is applesauce and jam! Do you have a canning recipe book you like? Amazing. But, then again, this is you we're talking about!

Emilee said...

Love those thrifty finds.

Susan said...

Wow, that's fantastic, Millie! Great price, great place to put it, and wonderful storage that you don't have too look at all the time. (However, I have to mention how pretty all of your jars were!) I am so excited for you - way to go!