Thursday, April 15, 2010

When We're Helping We're Happy!

Monday afternoon I was bustling around the kitchen trying to get dinner ready. Connor was fussin because he was hungry and I was trying to get some visual aids for Family Home Evening printed, cut out and ready for our lesson and activity. Between spooning food into Connor's mouth and checking to see if the print job was done, I was running back to the kitchen to stir dinner. I came around the corner to feed Connor and I found this. At the same moment, Caroline was asking me, "Mom, what can I do to help you?" So I put her to work cutting out FHE stuff. I'm so grateful for such sweet little ones who show so much perfect love and teach me daily how to serve by their examples.
I'll take THAT, thank you!
Heaven help us if we've already hit the "do it myself" stage with Connor.
My happy little helpers.
I wish I'd taken a good picture of her outfit. She'd worn a skirt I made her to school with her "I'm the Big Sister" shirt I also made. Because the skirt was black & white polka dots with fuschia trim, she chose black & white striped tights. When she got home, she changed into a pair of long knit, fuschia pink shorts but refused to take off her tights. To complete the ensemble she put on a pair of fluffy boot-like slippers. She looked so stinkin' girly and cute!


Emilee said...

I'm impressed that she actually cares about matching the separate elements of her ensemble. We are still working on that at our house.

And isn't it nice when you get some unexpected help?

Rachelle said...

. . . and we sing as we go! Sounds like you had to be singing when you saw all the help you got. It's times like these when you know without a doubt that they "like to help Mother for [they] all love [you] so"!